Monday, November 10, 2008

This is what happens to me when I turn on the computer. There is no such thing as "Just checking my email" or any such nonsense. At least I am honest. "My name is Michelle and I am addicted to the Internet." I do not call the computer a time saver, a useful tool, an organizational device. I call it what it is; A vacuum of time that sucks the minutes out of my day by pulling me away from the 1,000 other things my time should be spent accomplishing. Instead, I am aimlessly wandering and getting lost on the world wide web. Sure it is convenient to be able to find anything I want. Problem is, once I quickly (insert snort of sarcasm here) find what I need, I am so easily swayed to click on every other link that the time saved using the Internet rather than going to an actual store is quickly lost. When I look at one simple site for, oh let us just say, a new coffee pot, I end up going from the coffee pot, to a site that has the best price on the coffee. That site leads me to a place that has these really cool mugs that match the new paint in the kitchen. The mugs lead me to a site that has these other kitchen appliances that all coordinate. From there I am in a chat room about recipes for the upcoming holidays. (Because I need to read all the wonderful things I won't make because I always make the same traditional things every year.. but juuuust in case....) now heading to a site on kids in the kitchen (just for the stories, I don't actually let my kids in the kitchen, or cook for that matter) heading on over to a site making house crafts from kitchen materials. (Did you ever know all the fascinating uses of cling wrap, flour and water?) clicking to some crafting stuff. (Now we're talking, baby!) That has me at this blog written by a lady in Kalamazoo that quit her job to live on only recycled materials. (They are called "fregans, like vegans, but they eat from dumpsters only food they find or get from free! Really, do a google search on it! I dare you!) and she does this because the world is filling up with trash so fast we will all have to live on another planet soon because we throw away perfectly good things. I am now prompted to go look at information on the environment. Gee, look at the ad on the side for a whale watching excursion? I bet that would be fun? Check out the travel site this is linked too... See what I mean? Looking for a coffee pot and I end up on a whale watching excursion in Alaska. Logical, huh?

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Aubree said...

and here i am...STILL jet-lagged...dying for sleep but can't seem to turn off my computer b/c I have to read everything you have posted lately!! I just love that you are doing this!! So much fun and VERY inspiring (not that I have time to do it but inspiring none-the-less)!!