Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 pictures for 2 days

We took the girls to Inner Harbor in Maryland yesterday for an overnight family getaway. It was pretty cool. On the way down, we stopped at Towson University to see my niece Rachael (and relive our college days... somehow I don't recall dorms being that small?) From there, we headed to our hotel to check in, then across the street to the Baltimore Science Museum. It is just an incredible place to spend a day. We followed the life cycle of the blue crab, dug for fossils, built with kinex, explored, investigated, researched.... AWESOME! They had activities that showed kids basic principals of gravity, how pulleys work, leverage, electricity, the kids were completely into it! You would have thought they were discovering some of these basic principals of science themselves. So, to round out all that good learning, we went to the imax movie and saw Madagascar II and pigged out on popcorn and Mike & Ikes. Nice way to re-mush the mind a little :o)
Day two brought us to the National Aquarium. Ira and I had visited here when we were in college, so it was exciting to come back with children. We saw the dolphin show (always a favorite) then toured all the exhibits. Not too exciting for Erin & Haley since we have a salt water tank at home and they "know" all this already... silly mommy and daddy! So that wasn't a winner, but the ice cream afterwards was a home run, so it balanced the day.

The best part of the trip, you ask? 2 days together. 2 days just spending time laughing, being goofy, torturing, eating ice cream, kissing somebody whenever the mood strikes, just good family time. There is nothing like it. Family time. Work, chores, stress, all the responsibilities of every day life tend to get in the way. Family Time. Capital letters, you see. It is that important. No matter what, you have to stop, spend time with those most important in your world. Real time. Time away from everybody else. Time at home is ok, but you have to get away from the phone, errands to run, all of it. You don't have to go out of town, but you have to go someplace that you are away from your "life", you know? This family of mine, I love them. Love them like nobody's business. Family Time. Yeah. The where is fun, but the Family Time. That's what it's all about.

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