Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pure Joy

...is coming home to see this beautiful sight, on any given standard business day, that is. Aaahhh, a package.... is there any sight so sweet? Any other sight that can lift one's heart? bring a smile at the end of a weary work day? It doesn't really matter what the contents are. We order coffee in bulk, dog treats, gadgets and gizmos, house hold supplies, office things, computer parts, a mop, some books, holiday gifts for the kids, clothes, all sorts of things. Each and every one gives me pleasure when it waits on my porch for me at the end of the day. Today though, oh sweet joy, today.... SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES! It was not my beloved scrapbook obsessions kit (I would have been stalking the mail carrier for that), No, today was forbidden purchases from some random scrapping website. Papers and stickers and doodads and things that just make me so happy to open up and run my fingers over. (must be some glitter involved, I do so very much love all things that bling). As I sit here typing, they are right next to me, making me smile. No, there is nothing that makes it any sweeter to come home after a long day than to see that beautiful brown box sitting on the front porch.... waiting... with my own name in neat black letters on the front.

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