Friday, November 14, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

Ok, here it goes.... I. Don't. Finish. Things. There, I said it. It doesn't feel any better. It isn't like I don't admit it. I do. I even call myself the Queen of Unfinished Projects. I am sure you have noticed that I started out with a bang, posting every night, faithfully, right on time, like I said I would. Then, this week... well.. not so much. I could even give you some fabulous excuses. Last night we took my computer down and unplugged everything so that we could move my desk into the new office. Sure, that could be an excuse. But I could have done my entry earlier. I could have blogged from Ira's computer. So it is just that, an excuse. I am not a whiner, so I wont' go there. I just didn't do it. I am fading. I have a tendency to do that. I start something all gung-ho and then... well, the momentum fades just a little. It certainly isn't intentional. It is my biggest weakness. I am trying to work on it. Admission is the first step, right? Think there is a program for this problem? Probably not. Any of you have this same particular dirty little secret? Let me know. Misery loves company. Some day, I will set a goal and complete it. Someday. Maybe that can be the first goal Start and complete one thing. Now, back to the list of unfinished projects, cheer me on people, I could use a little encouragement!

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Jamie said...

Do you need us to threaten you??