Monday, November 3, 2008

So, there's this guy I know....

..... OK, so it's my husband. (Ira, stop reading now, I don't want you to hear this! I mean it!)
He is just perfect, for me, at least. Yeah, we argue and disagree, and he makes me crazy, but it works. Last night we took my parents out for dinner. In the car we were talking about a color of paint for the office we are doing, and my dad said, "Stop arguing!" We both said "We aren't arguing?" what was he even talking about? As opposite as we are, as different as the things we like, when it comes down to it we just work. This picture here, is from the summer. We drove down to North Carolina with the girls for his cousin's wedding. On the way home, the kids fell asleep and Ira ended up trying to avoid bad traffic ahead his dad had called to warn us about. We ended up driving through Washington DC at midnight..... NOT on our plans. There was me, taking pictures out the windows as we passed the capitol, him pointing out landmarks, and both of us just laughing at the fact that we were so totally lost. So what did I do? I leaned over and took our picture together. Nearly blinding the driver, of course. We laughed even harder. How many guys would even begin to understand that their wife needed to document this moment to scrapbook? How many husbands would think to point out the white house at 80 mph so I could try to catch a snapshot? It just got funnier by the second. Ira gets me. He doesn't expect me to change. Even the parts that aren't always the best. He just keeps on loving me. How cool is that?

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