Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Lonely

No, I am not describing tax season in general.

Although my husband may work crazy hours from now until April 15th, I am used to it. Each night, I may go to bed alone, but I at least have my dogs to curl up and keep me warm, keep me company.

Last night, Ira came home to do his rounds before heading back to the office. He went in each of their rooms to tuck them in and give hugs and kisses good night, before coming to find me in my bed, with my dogs, catching up with Mr. DVR. I thought it was my turn to get tucked in before he headed back to work.


He pulled Rufus to the edge of the bed.

"Haley wants Rufus."

He picked up the 85 pounds of dead sleeping weight (dog wasn't budging. Gave me a 'What the hell? kind of look on the way out the door) and took him to Haley's bed.

Izzy wasted no time snuggling closer to me for some loving and was rewarded with a head scratch, just the way she likes.

Enter Ira.

Scoop Izzy.

WTF? look on dogs face.

"Erin is lonely."


and I am not?

So last night, I went to sleep. Alone. Completely alone. Waiting for my dogs to come back.

Damn dogs.

My feet were cold all night.

Just you wait until they come looking for cookies when I get home today.


Bee said...

Awww poor doggies being swept away when they were comfy! But, I would love to have the bed all to myself. Ah I miss my single days.

Anonymous said...

i would have gone down and gotten the husband...every girl needs a good cuddle...

Captain Dumbass said...

That's so sad.