Friday, March 6, 2009

Slobber, Flying Socks, Lasts and Heavy Kids.

I woke up this morning. Very Late. Desperately in need of a shower, I hurried through, dressed, and ran out the door. Only when I got to work did I see the long clear slug-like-trail of dog slobber down the left sleeve of my jacket. Oh, and I am not wearing a shirt I can go through the day without the jacket on. It is gross, and I did the best I could getting it out with some water and a paper towel, but clear runny snotty looking slobber is not attractive on your jacket sleeve.

Damn dogs.

Yesterday, when I was switching the laundry, I opened the dryer before the end of the cycle and one of my daughter's socks came popping out. This brought me waaaa-aaay back. When Erin was a little baby, whenever Ira or I would open the dryer while it was still running (to check and see if it was done already, because we are so not patient like that) little baby socks would always come flying out. It used to crack us up. Every. Time. Well, Erin got bigger, and the socks didn't pop any more. Then Haley came along and... you got it... Return of The Flying Socks! We had forgotten about those little pink things that popped out all the time. Well, I never realized as the girls got older, that their socks stopped popping. It just sort of, well, happened. One of those things that doesn't get noticed.

Until yesterday. When a sock popped out of the dryer. And it made me remember all those little tiny socks that always flew out every time I opened the dryer door. You don't notice when it is the last time something happens as your kids get older. Mine are far from babies now, and just where exactly did that time go? Erin is so big I can't really pick her up and carry her in the house if she falls asleep in the car. Or carry her to bed if she falls asleep on the couch or something. I have to wake her up and have her walk. I don't remember the last time I was able to carry her sleeping body like that and tuck her in. Why is it we remember all the firsts so clearly, but we don't recognize the last time we do something so monumental?

Haley fell asleep in the car last night and I carried her in the house. I know I have a while before she is too big for me to carry, so I cherish each time I scoop up that warm little body... but how do I know when the last time comes? Will I know to take a picture? As the second child, will I know to watch for it? Or will the day just show up that I can't? Already, she wants privacy in the bathroom (for her, not for me!) and dresses herself exclusively (explaining many of her fashion choices) and 1000 things they each do without me now that I used to do for them, How does this all happen and when does it stop? Ok, I don't want it to stop, I just want somebody to send me a memo and let me know when I have to play close attention to something in particular because it may be one of those "lasts" for one of my girls. I want to catch the "lasts" with all the joy and tears that I caught the "firsts" with.

I love watching my kids grow up. I don't miss the stages behind us. I don't like babies and I certainly don't want another. I just want to make sure I appreciate each and every stage we are in so that when they move on, I am ready for it.


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

You don't like babies? How can you not like babies? lol.

I totally understand this feeling. Every day I am worried that my daughter is going to stop wanting to cuddle with me or give me kisses, and I try to get as many in as I can!

The Stiletto Mom said...

I think about this all the time. Mine are getting so big so fast, and I'm trying to hang on to every moment. The other day, I was wondering when the last diaper'd think something that monumental would stick out in my head but it's gone.

Your comment today had me howling with laughter and a lot of people have been making follow up comments on what you said...come back over and are TOO FUNNY.

Author said...

I remember going through a stage of wondering when the last ___ will be. Now that our daughter is as tall as her mom and wearing her shoes, I've stopped wondering that.

I'm still physically strong enough to pick my daughter up and carry her. But she is too "big" to let that happen. So it's not Haley's size you'll have to worry about -- it's her attitude.

BTW, I'm posting here because you know what a q-difference polynomial is. Cool.

- Square Peg Guy

sAm said...

Too true. The sock thing really took me back - my son's 13 so it's been awhile! I've often thought these same thoughts about "lasts", but you totally did the topic justice. I also remember my "lasts" in my marriage (I'm divorced) - when was the last time we held hands? When was the last time we kissed and meant it? Etc., etc. If I'd known that things were happening for the last time, would've I done any different?

Captain Dumbass said...

Both my kids head-butted me in the mouth tonight when I was kissing them goodnight. I'm not going to miss that.

nikkicrumpet said...

You're a wise momma...ya gotta enjoy each little step of the way. Because it's over so fast...heck by the time they hit puberty they forget you exist lol

Michele Horne said...

I was thinking recently how I can't remember the 'lasts' with my older 2 girls, so I have started noting them in my baby girls journal. Although, sometimes, you don't know it's the 'last', so it's hard.

lbowa said...

i'm thinking my kids will never be too heavy to carry up to their beds - so feel free to stop over on any movie night and carry them all you want - just don't wake me while you're doing all that heavy lifting. I'm usually the first one to nod off.

Nancy said...

My daughter promised me that she wouldn't grow up when I was still able to carry her around easily, ...stinkin' little brat...she lied to me! Now she's grown up with daughters of her own, and she knows how I felt back then. HA!