Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Just Don't Care.

There may only be two of them, but they so know they have the advantage. They see my weakness. I am tired. My strength is low. They are cute. And sweet. They move in for the kill.

"Mommy, can we stay up a little late and watch TV in your bed? Please? We won't bother you at all?"

and they don't. They will go in my room, turn on the t.v. and I won't hear a peep. It is so easy to just let them be. I should put them to bed... but it is so peaceful. They know I am weak. They know if they argue, laugh loudly, run, cause havoc, I will hear them and come marching to put them to bed.

So skillful are the young ones. Stealthy in their ways. So manipulative. How do they learn this at such a young age?

"Mommy, you go relax, we will be fine up here." and they go upstairs while I am sitting at my desk, working (ok, playing on the computer). Miraculously, for the first time all night, they behave like real people and get along.

One mishap. One instance of bad behavior. One cry of "Mommy! She....." will bring me running and end their time. So they are good. Extra good. It is frightening. It is bliss.

It is now well past their bed time. On a school night. Daddy is still not home and won't be for some time. I hate tax season. They are still quietly and very nicely watching TV.

and I just don't care.

It's never too early to learn to work the system.

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