Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conversation at the Desk:

Haley: Erin, I'm going to use one of your markers, ok?
Erin: Ok, Hale, but I am doing homework, so if I need it, you have to give it back.
Haley: Will I have homework some day?
Erin: Yeah. When you get big and go to my school, you will have homework just like me and we can both do our home work together.
Haley: Will we both always have homework?
Erin: Well, since I am older than you, I will only have homework until I get a job, then I won't have homework, but you will.
Haley: Will you still be my sister when you have a job?
Erin: Yes, Haley. But I will be very busy, so we might not be able to play games every day like we do now.
Haley: Can we still have sleep overs sometimes?
Erin: Sure, Hale.
Haley: And you will always be my sister, right, Erin?
Erin: Of course.
Haley: Thanks, Erin.


Michele Horne said...

I am such a sap... that whole conversation makes me wanna cry! It reminds me of my girls (age 8 & 3)

Aubree said...

no mention of "will you buy me beer when you turn 21?" -- clearly hales doesn't fully understand the importance of big sisters!!

adorable conversation!!!