Monday, March 30, 2009

I no longer eat Lima Beans.

Yesterday was a fabulous warm sunny spring day. I had my sister's kids for the day while she was moving (I got the easy part of that deal!) so I sent them all outside to play. My oldest came in and was all excited, "Mommy! You have to come outside and see the Lima Beans we found!" It is spring, so I figured it was some kind of seed or pod or whatever. The kids are always finding things like that in the yard. Plus, we had construction last fall, and the yard is a disaster, so there is all kinds of dirt and every thing is all torn up.

Well, I told her to get a cup or bowl or something. I would see it in a little bit, but I know daddy would LOVE to see what they found when he got home from work! I had an 8, 6, 5, and 3 year old all happily entertained. For hours. With Lima Beans. Who was I to question my good fortune?

Around 5:15 or so, Hubby gets home. He comes stomping in the house and yells, "Wheres the damn broom!"


"Hi, honey, nice to see you too? The broom is where it always is. Why?"

"The kids dug up a bowl full of TERMITES and left them in a pile of dirt in the middle of the garage."

Lima Beans
? Yeah, kids? Lima Beans don't move.

Maybe next time they say they found something they are that excited over, mommy should get up off her lazy ass and go take a peek, huh?


But I doubt it.

It is so much more fun to save it for daddy.

and I really don't like bugs.


Aubree said...

have to be able to spin this into a business become the new age version of Terminex....Lima Bean Riot (i know a band by that name). They stay occupied and we all have terminte free foundations!! :)

sAm said...

ewww..I've never seen termites - I didn't know they looked like lima beans!

Belle said...

Ugh. I'm glad I wasn't the one checking.

Captain Dumbass said...

Bwah ha haaaa! OMG, is that seriously your fish tank? My little beta fish is giving me the look. He's probably going to tell the boys in the aquarium now too.

michelle said...

Yes. I will tell you the story on a post.
Very funny.

Amazing what "an idea" can become.....

stick with the Beta.

Aunt Becky said...

OMFG. I think I would have died right there. And not in a good way.