Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lost & Found... exactly where it SHOULDN'T BE!

I am working on this craft project that won't end. and I want it to. The fact that I can't finish it because I keep coming up with these ridiculously labor intensive multi-step pieces that need to dry for 148 hours between each step is a completely different story.

But I digress.

Around the continent, as my husband would say.

I came home today to sneak in an hour before the kids got home on this project.

I went to look for my silver metallic pen that writes on any surface.

I went through 17 drawers, 3 baskets, my school bag, a box of crap and looked in the back yard to see if maybe the dogs got it.

It was on the kids desk.

I needed my brayer (like an ink roller). It wasn't in the drawer where it should be. Or any other logical location.

Kids desk?


What about my specific color fine point blue paint pen?

Fine tip scissors?

Hole punch?

Heat gun, for God's sake?

All on the kids desk.

I am investing in a fricking lock.

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