Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas at Grammy's

I know it is a bit late, but that just seems to be how I do things, so deal with it :o) Actually, I seemed to get sucked into Facebook everytime I turned the computer on and if that didn't get me, I have become addicted to about 20 or so fabulously hysterical blogs that I read religiously. My personal blogging and computing has taken a back burner to my addiction.

Anyway, here are the pictures my dad and I took Christmas morning. I am certain that the girls will hate me when they are older, but I have seen pictures of myself on many Christmas mornings that are not flattering. At least I had the consideration to give them adorable matching pajamas for Hanukkah the night before. (Ok, so I have scrapbook paper that matches the color of the pajamas... so sue me, but I have some great layouts coming as well now!) It isn't my fault Erin didn't like the shirt and wore something else.


Nancy said...

Pepper looks evil! Kids look great!

Aubree said...

GASP --- you dressed your kids to match your scrap papers....tell me it ain't so!! he-he.