Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where does she get this stuff?

Erin: Mommy, I am a really good writer.

Me: Yes, you are.

Erin: I think a lot of people would like to read what I write. You know, like our family, and other people, and kids and stuff.

Me: I bet they would.

Erin: I think I should have my own blog.

Me: Uh... no. Um, Uh, Uhhhhh... just. no.


Rob Haney said...

She does have her own phone! Why not bump her up to junior blogger status? I'm ready to bookmark it and comment!

jan williams said...

awwww come on Mom!!!!! LOL Why do kids want to grow up so fast? My grandaughter Brelynn has a facebook page and she is only 10!!!! I have to keep deleting things on there so her Mom won't ground her!!!

Carolyn...Online said...

It's still funny. I think if I read it again like five or six times it will still be funny.