Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sneaky Joy

I got a SNOW DAY! I got a SNOW DAY! (Yes, I am singing)

Littlest munchkin went to daycare with daddy at 9:00 and I played good mommy and drove the big one to school after her 2 hour delay. Now I have a day to myself, just me, the snuggle dogs quietly (or not) snoring and farting at my feet, and a big ass cup of coffee. Here I sit, still in my pajamas. (Thank goodness drop off at school did not require me to get out of the car, although I would have just put shoes on with my pajamas, who am I kidding?)playing on the computer.

Today is one of those days I so LOVE MY JOB!


Sarah said...

You suck! I've been up with a pucking kid all night. The snow day only saved me a sick day!

Lynda said...

yes i would be one in the pj's too dropping off @ school.