Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You had to be there

Erin got this kit one night for Hanukkah, you decorate these fake nails and then can glue them on. Every little girl's dream. Well, she decorated them with Ira the other afternoon, it was kind of like spin art with glitter. JUNK was the determination. The paint didn't stick, the glitter went everywhere but on the nails, but Erin was not deterred. I went upstairs the other day, and walked into our bathroom. This is what I saw.

Ira looks at me and says, "Now, THIS, is blog-worthy!" I had to laugh out loud. "If you told me a few years ago, hell, even one year ago, I would be putting fake nails on a little girl, I wouldn't have believed you!" What a dad won't do for his little girl. Well, I know one dad, a good friend of ours, a big, manly-man of a guy, who has a little girl. When I told him this story, he said he could do one better. Then he showed me his bright pink-painted big toe. What a dad won't do for his little girl.

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Aubree said...

look at those nails!!! love it!