Friday, December 12, 2008

Ramona Quimby; Self Portrait

For those of you who remember the books by Beverly Cleary, you will remember Ramona Quimby. The lovable, if somewhat impossible little girl who was the younger sister of Beezus (who names their kid Beezus?) and the apple of everyone's eye for being just so stinking cute. Ramona had a doll named Chevrolette. Yes, that is a car, but Ramona thought is was a beautiful word to be wasted as a car so she made it a name. Ramona liked to play with a little boy named Howie, even though other little girls only played with other girls. Girls played stupid things. Ramona once emptied out an entire tub of toothpaste just to see what would happen. Ramona got an adorable pixie hair cut. Ramona danced to the beat of her own drum. She was a lovable, loving, if somewhat exasperating child.
Haley is my Ramona.
She reminds me so often of this beloved character from my childhood, even more so since she has had her hair cut. I often call her Ramona and it infuriates her. I can't wait for her to be old enough to enjoy reading the Ramona stories with me. My two favorites were Ramona and her Mother, and of course, Ramona Quimby, age 8. If you haven't read them as a child, read them as an adult. They are a bit dated in some of the language (girls wore skirts, not pants. Ramona was a rebel, I tell you! No wonder I like her?) But the feeling of this girl holds true to my heart and will to yours as well. Read about Ramona. You will so easily be able to imagine her always trying to sneak off with her mother's camera and take her own picture making funny faces. Like my own little Ramona. In all these pictures I am sharing with you here.

She is going to absolutely HATE me when she is 13.

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chrisita said...

I love Ramona!!!! I will have to get Ramona and her mother to read with Zoe, if she'll let me. She is quite independent now and wants to read everything herself! Thanks for sharing!!!