Friday, December 5, 2008



I had Erin's parent-teacher conference last night. How odd to be on the other side of the table it is for me? I am usually the one telling the parent all about their child, the one managing the time, controlling the conference. How weird to be the parent instead of the teacher? Certainly gives me new perspective and understanding for the parents I face each year.

As for Erin... she is continuing to do so very well in school. She has become an avid reader and devours anything she can get her hands on. She enjoys stories with "meat" to them and not just the "cutesy fluff" as her teacher said. From all of this reading, her writing has taken on new levels of expression and creativity. She tells stories with great detail and emotion. Her handwriting... well, she is preparing to be a doctor we could say! Erin's teacher has truly opened up the children to the wonders of the written word and established a love of learning. This little sponge of ours has been so fortunate to have her for a teacher.

Erin's Math skills, of course, are above your average 2nd grader. Mrs. Murawczk said to me, "I will take credit for her reading and writing, but you get credit at home for her Math skills." Ok, so having an accountant for a dad and a math teacher for a mom, we do a lot of math, it kind of sticks. What can I say, the kid is good. She has to be, our reputation is on the line here.

Of course, no conference is complete without the "We would like to see...." She talks a bit too much. She has a hard time waiting her turn. Trying to put a nice spin on it, the teacher tells me it is because she has so many wonderful life experiences she can't wait to share. It is because she is so very bright that she gets frustrated when others don't answer fast enough. She is MY child, of course she talks to much. She is IRA'S child, of course she is a bit disorganized. Genetics need to have a place on the report card as well....

Doesn't matter. We are so very proud of our 2nd grader. She may be a little crazy, talk all the time, misplace most of her school papers, and runs like she is on double espresso most of the time, but that's is what makes her our Erin.


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