Tuesday, February 3, 2009


You know who my husband and I envy? Seriously? Separated parents. We had this conversation.

Him: You know, so-and-so only has her kids every other weekend. She gets alternate weekends off when they go to their dads.

Me: Nuh Uh! SHUT UP!

Him: Yup. She gets to sleep in, do whatever, go out on dates and doesn't have to get any sitters. The schedule is set for like 6 months ahead so planning is easy.

Me: That is so cool. I mean, a parent is like the best babysitter EVER! Wanna get separated?

Him: Yeah! That would be awesome! Think about all the stuff we could get done on the weekends we don't have the kids!

Me: What would you do?

Him: Oh, I don't know, stuff around the house, go to a movie and dinner, you know, things we never have time for.

Me: Me too. I would love to stay out late, see a double feature, know we didn't have to get up Sunday and do all the parent stuff. Even running errands and grocery shopping is easier when you don't have to answer to anyone. Only one problem.

Him: What?

Me: On my weekend, I would want to go out with you, and you would have the kids.

Him: Oh. Yeah. Well, I could go out with you on my weekends?

Me: Nope, I would have the kids. One of us would still need to find a babysitter.

Him: Oh. That sucks. Guess we should just stay married.

Me: Yeah. Suppose so.

Twenty Years together folk, and we are sticking it out. because it is too hard. to find. good. sitters.

True Love.


jan williams said...

OMG I love it!!!!

Aubree said...

you wouldn't have to loose your blankets in the middle of hte night either!!! enticing....but yeah, good sitters are just too hard to come by!

Carolyn...Online said...

Yet another reason to stay married.

Captain Dumbass said...

That was funny.

Amisita said...

and I'm envious of you two!