Sunday, February 1, 2009

Calling all...... Well...everybody!

My daughter's 2nd grade class is doing a project. They are collecting postcards from all over the world, hopefully. They have asked the kids to ask everyone they know to send them a post card so they can mark the location on the map. The kids mostly know people on the East Coast. Boooo-rinnnnnnggggg.

So... mommy thinks global.

That is where you, dear Internet, come in.

If you would be so kind, and are interested in helping a second grade class out (and not like that email where you add your name to a chain and forward to everyone you know) then do me a favor.

Get or print out a postcard that shows something from your neck of the woods. City, state, province, anything regional. If you are computer savvy, jut print out a picture of the "Welcome to My Town" sign! and mail it to my daughter's class at the address below.

Johnson School
c/o Mrs. Murawczyk 2nd grade class
for Erin
500 Kresson Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Yeah, I am cheating by helping her kick the other kids asses in the "who got the most post cards" contest... I never said I played fair.

This would be a fabulous time for my aunt in CANADA to play along, by the way! Another in Las Vegas, would be good, maybe a cousin in California. I am using you all for your zip code. I will keep you updated as the post cards roll in.

Thanks in advance, all!

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