Monday, June 30, 2008

Robin's 21st birthday.... anniversary!

My sister-in-law Robin celebrated her birthday this weekend. As usual, we had the family over to swim and hang out, and after dinner we had a brownie cake for her. It was fun... until Ira smushed the cake in her face as she was cleaning up! Well, as Sue says, "There is seriously something wrong with Ira"! But I love him anyway!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Robby! We love you!


jan williams said...

Great picture!!! Loving your blog girl!!!!

Ivy said...

Hey Michelle,
The pictures and commentary are great!! I read every blog. Now I know what you've been doing this summer.

Lynnise said...

ROFL, I didn't think there was any other family in the world with a nut who would do the cake dunk- My brother is sooooooooo like that LOL- it keeps like fun doesn't it!1 Sounds like you had a blast, i'm really enjoying your blog!