Monday, June 30, 2008

American Girl Night

We surprised the girls this weekend with a trip to New York City to see the American Girl movie, followed by dinner at the American Girl store on 5th Avenue. What made this extra special, you ask? Well, we were in very special company. This night, hosted by American Express for special cardholders, was going to be very special because one of the girls from the movie was there! Her name is Erin, she was 8 years old when she filmed, and she was found in open casting to play the role of the little sister of one of main character's friends. The fact that her name was Erin was just FANTABULOUS! To top it all off, she was just the sweetest little girl. After the movie, she answered all the kids (and parents') questions. Her parents were also very gracious and spoke to all us arents. When the movie was over, we wqlked the few blocks to the store and the little movie star held Haley's hand and chatted with the group of girls the whole way. They were all so amazed that she was in the movie and she was "just like a real kid!" Once at the store, we had the restaurant all to ourselves and the kids (and parents) all got great goody bags filled with Kit Kittredge themed things... books, games, her stuffed dog, but sadly no doll. After dinner, Erin and Haley had their picture taken for the magazine cover as part of their fun night and then got to shop int he store. Unfortunately, by then it was 9:00 and the store was closing so we didn't get any shopping done and the next morning 5th Avenue was closed for the Gay and LEsbian parade.... Well, we will just have to go back another time to get Haley her own doll! Until then, our Erin, the bestest big sister ever shares one of her dolls with Haley and they have been playing with them constantly since the weekend started.

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Aubree said...

Were they TOTALLY surprised? Sounds like the girls had a great time!