Friday, June 27, 2008


Haley had graduation from the Elephant room this month. It was a very cute night for the families to get together one last time before the kids all went off their seperate ways for the summer. Each child was given a little gift, as well as an award that fits their personality. You can see from the photo, Haley was recognized with the "Sugar and Spice" award because, as Miss Cindy says, "She is just so nice. Hmph. Miss Cindy needs to come hang out around my house at bedtime?


Colette Bate said...

OMG ... huge congrats to Haley ... she's just too beautiful for words, Michelle! Four years old and look at her eyes! WOW!

It's so much fun seeing you and your family ... good looking hubs and the dog is pretty handsome, too! hehehehe

This is so cool that you're bloggin! You can be sure I'll be checking in frequently to see waaassss up wit choo!!


Bonita said...

Congratulations to Haley! What a big girl already...