Monday, June 30, 2008

LOST.. in Queens!

Ok, so our trip to NY wasn't with out it's flaws. It was hot. Ira made us take the subway from Penn Station to the hotel (in the summer, in the middle of the afternoon, in was RIDICULOUSLY HOT!) The worst part was trying to leave. When we found out the American Girl store was not going to be an option, we decided to head right out of town. (The Gay and Lesbian Pride parade was slated to close down 5th Avenue and most of Manhattan for the day and we didn't need to have the girls in the middle of that!)

Well, since we took the subway TO the hotel, it made sense that we took the subway BACK, right? Only problem is that we have no "city savy" and every person we asked told us something different. Did you know that to get to Penn Station, you have to take the E train to 34th street? Did you know that 34th street in Manhattan at Madison Ave. is not the same as 34th street in Queens.... and that the E train goes to both? We know that.. NOW!

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Aubree said...

OH NO!! Glad you found your way back!