Monday, October 27, 2008

My Erin Turned 8 Today!

I can't believe it.... I have been a mom for 8 years now. I have to say, it kind of hit me hard and has prompted some serious self reflection. But more about that later, right now is all about Erin and how she enjoyed her day!

At the birthday girl's request, Ira made chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast (I made the batter the night before) and Erin skipped Hebrew school this a.m. so we could all sleep in a little. After breakfast, the girls played a little while we cleaned up and all showered and did some stuff around the house. They needed some relaxing time after staying up late and enjoying Erin's birthday present from mommy & daddy... cable in her room on her TV that formerly she could only watch DVDs on!

In the afternoon I took the girls to Color Me Mine and they each chose a piece of ceramics to paint. Erin made a penguin bank and Haley chose a mermaid hugging a sea horse. When we got home, grandpa was there with his corvette, and he took Erin for a long birthday ride (and then Haley for a ride as well). While the girls were out on their rides, we played in the yard with the dogs enjoying the beautiful fall day.

The best part of the whole day was dinner. We headed to Don Pablos along with our whole extended family; grandparents, aunts, uncles, and ALL of Erin's cousins, (except the oldest, Rachael, who has the nerve to be in college) and her best friend Zoe. It really meant so very much to Erin to have her cousins there. The kids (even the big teenage ones who would have rather sat with the grown ups, but they are good sports) sat at their own table. That is a pretty big deal to an 8 year old. After dinner, the servers brought Erin the big sombrero and fancy Mexican dessert and we all sang. Each of the kids took a turn trying on the hat, and having their pictures taken. My nephew Jake looked like a bobble head! It was just so awesome. I couldn't have made a better night for our little girl. It was exactly what she wanted, a night with her family having fun together. After dinner, we gathered for cake and presents to top the night off and then put 2 exhausted sisters, and one exhausted mommy to bed!

So, of the whole day, here are some pictures to share. (As I already plan how to scrap them.. he he he!) It was a fabulous day. I hope all your birthdays are as happy as Erin's was today!


Nancy said...

what a beautiful memory for her to have!

Aubree said...

Sounds like Erin had a Fabulous b-day!!! Totally adorable pixs -- Love the pix of Haley on the dog!!

chrisita said...

Awesome pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!