Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Already?

Where has September gone? I know it is a short month at only 30 days, but it seems to have gone by in a flash. How does that happen? The girls both started school and are loving it. Erin is in 2nd grade and an old PRO at the whole thing. She came home from her first day and I asked the typical mom question "How was it, honey?" Boring! she says. Huh? We had to listen to the rules, we had the same assembly we had last year and I know all that already, mom! Duh!! She is in the same class as last year with the same teacher and the same students; looping they call it. They all moved from 1st to 2nd grade together. On the 1st day it was like walking right into the same old familiar routine. Apparently, she wasn't quite expecting that. It has been a wonderful experience, though. She has not had any nervousness or anxiety about a new teacher, new class or making new friends. They were able to get right to work and are already accomplishing so much. She is growing into this real person. She has such strong opinions, such an amazing sense of humor. We knock heads so much I am already scared to pieces thinking about the teenage years, they certainly won't be pretty... but I just love the way her mind grows by leaps and bounds. She is so smart and soaking things up like a sponge. What amazes me most about Erin is that she loves to learn for the sake of learning. She seems to just seek out knowledge and enjoy the information. She is truly interested in everything. New things intrigue her. Be it math facts or ways to solve them or stories about historical characters or how things work. Animals are always a favorite and anything on the animal planet channel or National Geographic (even the disgusting stuff) has her instantly enthralled!

Then there is Haley, my little love. She is having a wonderful time in Pre-K. She is in the Giraffe room this year and has made some new friends, but is also enjoying the old friends she has been with since she was 10 months old. Her schedule this year gives her class time in the imaginarium every day, which is like your birthday and Christmas rolled into one in the eyes of a 4 year old. Add to this a visit from mom mom a few days a week when she stops in on her way to and from the gym at the center, and school is just heavenly. On top of that, her Cheerleading class from last year is in session again, so she get to be a Pee Wee Team cheerleader! But she is so stinking cute! It is the one phrase that comes to mind every time you mention Haley to someone.. she is so darn cute! Haley is such a love. She is sensitive, considerate of others feelings and tries to please people. She wants everyone to be happy. What makes me the happiest is that she still loves to snuggle. She so often comes up to Ira or I just for a hug or a kiss. The real kind, not the obligatory kind. The kind where she climbs into your lap and really snuggles in and wraps her little arms all the way around. It melts your heart. Her smile just makes you want to hold her like that forever... or at least until she starts pinching you and poking and doing something silly, which is what always happens. She does have that wicked sense of humor. That is what makes her so perfect I suppose.

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