Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love 'em anyway..... Isabel and Rufus

This week they ate... a scrungy from the shower, Haley's fuzzy pink sock, a ziploc baggie with leftover baked beans and a paper cup. Not a bad week. On the bright side... they play with the kids, they are constant companions, they make me laugh, they force me to get some excercise every day, they clean up the crumbs on the floor without being asked and they are just so dang cute! (ok, I could live without the slober, though!)


Aubree said...

love the new pixs!

Attegirl said...

Love your pooches! We have a boxer, they are the funniest dogs aren't they :oD

Amisita said...

oh my god, your youngest babies are adorable!