Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home, at last.

Well, here I am , back to the real world. No one here to deliver breakfast on a tray, no one to make up the room twice a day, adn certainly no carribean sunshine and Pina Colada waiting for me! But it is good to be home, just the same. I missed my house, my dogs, my family and my friends. I am such a homebody, so no matter how good it is to get away from it all, it is even nicer to come home, sleep in my own bed (even if it is between 2 snoring boxers) and do my own laundry. Ok... maybe not the laundry part :o) I am happy to be here just the same. I wouldn't think so, but after spending the last 10 days with m husband and children, I am a little lonely today without them here? I can't believe I miss them, all back to work and camp. I would have thought I woul dbe ready to have some time to myself, but nope, I am a little lonely. Good thing Izzy and Rufus are here to keep me company. I went and printed a few pictures (ok, 245) today and added some here. If you click on the slide show, it should take you to the site where you can see the pictures a little bigger and read the captions as well. ( Maybe even print or download the ones you want, for the grandparents!) Hope you enjoy looking at them aw much as we enjoyed living the moments.

I read something on a friend's blog today. Something about how the memories are the good things and we don't remember the not-so-good stuff. It is so true. Looking back over the pictures, I smile thinking of how much fun we had and all we did together as a family. I don't really think about the little things that can bug you, the little problems that pop up along the way, it is the good stuff that sticks with me. That was the stuff we hold close in our hearts, the stuff I capture in these pictures. That must be the reason I keep going away with my family. I have to start remembering all the times they drive me crazy and taking pictures of that a little more next time, I think :o)

Glad to be home, to have my computer fixed and running, and be surrounded by the people I love and those that love me for who I am. No matter what the carribean has to offer, it can't beat this!


Nancy said...

I for one, am happy that you'e all home. It's so quiet when you're gone! Glad you had a nice time. The pix are great!kympdlbd

Aubree said...

Awesome pixs!!! So glad your home!

Lynnise said...

Gosh, Michelle, I'm trying reeeeeeally hard mustering up so me sympathy for you- ya know, no Pina Coladas and all but UM it's not happenin' ROFL!!! Seriously, I'm thrilled you're back things seemed kinda slow without you:)