Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, Already?

My, how the week has flown by! Yesterday we spent the morning and early afternoon in St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) and one of the major shopping ports! While the girls both managed to find little somethings to bring home, Ira and I did not :o( We started the day at the Butterfly Farm. It is run by a husband and wife couple from teh states and their goal is to both educate the public about butterflies (boy, did we learn A LOT!) as well as to increase the population of the natural species of butterflies that should be found in the carribean. It seems that the mass spraying of DDT years ago killed off all the butterflies,. so it has been a slow and steady process. In the enclosure, they had a large variety of so many different kinds, they wre just every where! Haley turned out to be the pro at being able to pick them up by putting her finger in the right place in front of a landed butterfly and letting it climb right on her. She loved it. Erin just was in amazement watching the beauty of each different kind and learnign all she could from the people who worked there. After the farm, and the little shopping through town, back to the ship for some swimming and a late night of watching movies on deck for Ira and I and the kids program for the girls.

Today was another beautiful day at sea that we missed the first half of sionce we slept until almost 11;00! (ok, the time change 1 hour forward helped....) The pool called to us and as we all swam around, we met a couple from around the block at home! Ira and I graduated high school with their kids. We never would have met them but will probably run into them at the grocery store next week now; talk about a small world?

Ok, off to Bermuda tmorrow!


Nancy said...

What do you mean already...with you all gone, the week went by very slowly!

Aubree said...

i agree with you S L O W!! we miss ya. Glad you are having a good time!! enjoy your "extra" day!!

Lynnise said...

girl, if I didn't mention it before (and I know I did LOL) I'm so dog-gone jealous!! Such wonderful places you are getting to visit!! Glad you are having a marvelous time, we miss you!