Monday, November 9, 2009

Does This Make Me a Bad Mother?

So many times I have to wonder.

How about this. Last night I was awoken around 12:30 to the sound of my daughter vomiting. I hear Ira in the bathroom with her. She is asking him if he is mad that she woke him up and he is talking to her and all. I pretend to still be asleep and ignore the entire situation.

I want no part in THAT. Sick puking kid? Daddy can handle it.

We went on a 3 day cruise this past weekend. It was wonderful. Travel was easy, the kids behaved, weather was fabulous. This morning a coworker asked me what the best part was? Not time spent with kids, not watching them play and swim and all that. No

Easy, I visited the scrapbook store in the Bahamas!

Does all this make me a bad mother? Naaaahhhh. If I had tied the girls to a silver hot air balloon to ride home, then I would be in the running perhaps!


McMommy said...

You are HILARIOUS!!!! And are totally relatable. {did I just screw up the spelling of relatable?}

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