Friday, October 23, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Neither Ira nor I are very political. I will say that 1. when it comes down to the issue I tend to lean more towards the Democratic side of the line and he would be more towards the Republican line but that 2. we both agree that it is more important to vote for the candidate than the political party they represent.

This being said, we came home about a week ago and there was a campaign sign in our front yard for the democratic candidates running for town council in Cherry Hill. Neither of us is exactly sure how this happened; we probably answered a call from the campaign in the middle of a million other things and then agreed to it without realizing. We prefer NOT to have any political propaganda displayed on our property, regardless of the party it represents.

Anyhow, being too lazy to walk to the curb and remove it, there it stays.

Later that week, one of Ira's clients stopped by. He is looking to buy a home and Ira had mentioned some properties for sale near us. Since it was dark the man was unable to find them, so Ira was going to go for a ride to point them out and Erin decided to go with them. When they returned home, the client asked Ira why he had a democratic sign in the front yard? Not knowing th eclient's political affiliation, and not wnating to step on any toes, thi being a rather big client, he paused for a minute before answering.....

From the back seat, Erin pipes in, "Aren't Democrats the ones that want to give away all the money?"

You gotta love kids.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tap Dancing Dogs, Children Who Wonnnn't Wear Clothes, Cooking for the United Nations.

You can tell when it is dinner time in my house. Things are busy in the kitchen (because unwrapping all those take out containers take many people and utensils) and we all gather around to lend a hand. The kitchen is full of good smells and we are generally all together talking, laughing and just being a general picture of family normality.

Rufus can tell too. This is when he starts dancing around the kitchen. But because he has these dog nails and we have a tile floor, his excitement is audible. It sounds like he is tap dancing. If we leave food on the counter and we sit down to eat, all you hear is the tap-tap-tap-tap of his nails as he dances around the counter waiting for us to feed him.
We have renamed him Rufus-B0-Jangles.

Erin, as usual, will not wear any clothes that are constraining, itching, touch her, or just in general that we like and think she should. On Saturday we needed to go to services at TBS and it was cold and rainy. She puts on a pair of summer, although dressy, capri pants. No. She tries warm and inappropriate sweats. No again. I force her to wear a pair of corduroy pants she has had close to a year that she begged us to buy. They are pink. They sparkle. They are super soft.

This is followed by 15 minutes of her walking around like she just got off a horse because when she walks with her legs together the cords make noise. They are uncomfortable. She hates them. She yells and whines THE PANTS AND IF YOU SAY ONE MORE THING YOU ARE SPENDING THE REST OF THE DAY IN YOUR ROOM WHEN WE GET HOME!" Cause I am all mother of the year like that.

So she wears the pants. And looks grumpy. Yet fashionably adorable.

When we get home I send her up to change.

"No mommy, I'm ok"
"Why don't you want to change?"
"Cuz these are comfy."
"But I thought you hated them?"
"Yeah, but you know I always do that"
is up with that?

Thanksgiving is in just 2 days. I am having 21 people for dinner this year. Here is the list.....You figure it out.

My parents and inlaws. Ok, makes sense.

Sister-in-law and her family. Yup sounds good.

My 2 cousins from NY. Ok, that is pretty cool. Reconnecting family ties and all that.

My Aunt from Canada. Ok... she already had a Canadian Thanksgiving, but still, it is a nice tradition.

Her son. huh? I found out about him coming on other cousins facebook page. for realz.

My sister. Her 3 kids.

Yup. That's cool.
Her ex-husband.

Ok, that is just showing we are a modern family.

His room mate.

Just call me the United Nations, people. Give me any hungry person. I will feed them turkey.
Pass the large bottle of wine and bring me some mashed potatoes.