Monday, June 30, 2008

Robin's 21st birthday.... anniversary!

My sister-in-law Robin celebrated her birthday this weekend. As usual, we had the family over to swim and hang out, and after dinner we had a brownie cake for her. It was fun... until Ira smushed the cake in her face as she was cleaning up! Well, as Sue says, "There is seriously something wrong with Ira"! But I love him anyway!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Robby! We love you!

I Been Tagged!

My dear on-line-scrapper-friend, Nancy, the self proclaimed Queen of Bling, has tagged me from her blog, so I have to respond....

10 Years Ago Today....
I was celebrating my first summer off as a full time public school teacher... and teaching summer school! My husband and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary that July, and it was the one year anniversary of my mom's cancer diagnosis. She was in full swing with treatments, chemo, radiation, and everything else that the docs could come up with. Was a tough summer for the whole family.

5 Things on today's "to-do" list:
1-Visit 4 boxers just brought in to rescue through New Jersey Boxer rescue and take them all for walks and some "people" time.
2- Stop at the office and meet my hubby for a lunch date.
3- Laundry and clean up. We took the girls to NYC this weekend for a movie/dinner date at the American Girl Store and then had the whole family over Sunday afternoon to swim and celebrate my sister-in-law Robin's "21st Birthday".... or at least the anniversary of her 21st?
4- Put away all the American Girl stuff Erin and Haley got in their goody bags from the event and try and put their rooms back together..... why? I am not sure?
5- Perhaps, if I am lucky, get some scrapping done!

Snacks I enjoy...
Chocolate chip cookies
ice cream
Pepsi (real, not the diet stuff)
Ice Coffee or Starbucks frozen coffee drinks

Things I would do if I was a millionaire...
First, being married to an accountant, I would have to speak with a financial planner....and invest and save and all that. I would help out my family however I could, help out the charities and organizations I support with more financial contributions, and for us?...mostly stuff around the house. I love our home, and I love being here. There is always something that needs to be done, and something we would like to do. Then, I would love to be able to take the girls with us on some amazing expedition or an African Safari or some amazing trips. Places that you only read about. Not the typical hotel and resort trips, but places that are outside the box. If I was a millionaire, I wouldnt be working so I would have all that time to do it!

Places I have lived:
Kingston, NY
Cherry Hill, NJ
West Chester, PA
Mt. Laurel, NJ
back to....
Cherry Hill, NJ

LOST.. in Queens!

Ok, so our trip to NY wasn't with out it's flaws. It was hot. Ira made us take the subway from Penn Station to the hotel (in the summer, in the middle of the afternoon, in was RIDICULOUSLY HOT!) The worst part was trying to leave. When we found out the American Girl store was not going to be an option, we decided to head right out of town. (The Gay and Lesbian Pride parade was slated to close down 5th Avenue and most of Manhattan for the day and we didn't need to have the girls in the middle of that!)

Well, since we took the subway TO the hotel, it made sense that we took the subway BACK, right? Only problem is that we have no "city savy" and every person we asked told us something different. Did you know that to get to Penn Station, you have to take the E train to 34th street? Did you know that 34th street in Manhattan at Madison Ave. is not the same as 34th street in Queens.... and that the E train goes to both? We know that.. NOW!

American Girl Night

We surprised the girls this weekend with a trip to New York City to see the American Girl movie, followed by dinner at the American Girl store on 5th Avenue. What made this extra special, you ask? Well, we were in very special company. This night, hosted by American Express for special cardholders, was going to be very special because one of the girls from the movie was there! Her name is Erin, she was 8 years old when she filmed, and she was found in open casting to play the role of the little sister of one of main character's friends. The fact that her name was Erin was just FANTABULOUS! To top it all off, she was just the sweetest little girl. After the movie, she answered all the kids (and parents') questions. Her parents were also very gracious and spoke to all us arents. When the movie was over, we wqlked the few blocks to the store and the little movie star held Haley's hand and chatted with the group of girls the whole way. They were all so amazed that she was in the movie and she was "just like a real kid!" Once at the store, we had the restaurant all to ourselves and the kids (and parents) all got great goody bags filled with Kit Kittredge themed things... books, games, her stuffed dog, but sadly no doll. After dinner, Erin and Haley had their picture taken for the magazine cover as part of their fun night and then got to shop int he store. Unfortunately, by then it was 9:00 and the store was closing so we didn't get any shopping done and the next morning 5th Avenue was closed for the Gay and LEsbian parade.... Well, we will just have to go back another time to get Haley her own doll! Until then, our Erin, the bestest big sister ever shares one of her dolls with Haley and they have been playing with them constantly since the weekend started.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Golly.....

... we met Miss Dolly! Dolly Parton, that is! Through a client of Ira's we had the opportunity to see her perform in Atlantic City and even get to go back stage to meet the band and Miss Dolly Parton herself. She is amazingly tiny, and wonderfully gracious. I had no idea how talented this little spitfire was until we saw her play all the instruments, as well as heard her perform songs she had written that were famous or popular for being perfromed by other singers. Not only was it a fun night, but I sure learned a lot and became a true DOLLY FAN!


Last weekend we participated in the annual Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society in Medford, NJ in honor of my mom. It has been 11 yers now since her initial diagnosis and each year this event reminds us how lucky we are to have her. Our team raised over $5000 this year, thanks to hard work from everyone, but especially our team captain, Robin! As usual, the kids had a blast at all the activities, but the sure fire winner for them this year was the pony ride. It was a Relay first, but I think it will become a tradition based on teh popularity and the amount of money they raised doing it.


Haley had graduation from the Elephant room this month. It was a very cute night for the families to get together one last time before the kids all went off their seperate ways for the summer. Each child was given a little gift, as well as an award that fits their personality. You can see from the photo, Haley was recognized with the "Sugar and Spice" award because, as Miss Cindy says, "She is just so nice. Hmph. Miss Cindy needs to come hang out around my house at bedtime?

OMG I have a BLOG!

Ok, so there isn't anything here.... but there is potential...

Peer pressure is an amazing thing, ain't it?