Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pajama Party!

Saturday night the girls and I went to a pajama party! We had a girls night with Aubree and Hannah and Sarah starting with dinner (in our pajamas of course) at Friendly's including ice cream. I have to say, even the moms wore our pj's and it was a blast! The kids were all very well behaved. I think the novelty of going out to dinner in your pajamas and slippers just had them in such a great mood! After dinner, we went to Aubree's house and the girls laid out sleeping bags to watch a movie, have popcirn and play while the BIG girls did some scrapping! THye fell asleep, after minimal threats, and we got to scrap a little more. It was a great night for all of us. I don't think we could do it too often, but as a treat every now and then, it is going to be a new tradition!

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jan williams said...

Now that would be so much fun!!!